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Lucky Boat launches Rice Vermicelli

We already lead the way for wheat noodles amongst Chinese restaurants and takeaways, and to further support our noodle offering, we have recently launched Lucky Boat Rice Vermicelli.

Rice vermicelli is the 2nd most popular noodle type in Chinese Restaurants and Takeaways. It is also loved by consumers and a growth category in the major Supermarkets, with an impressive growth of +35% YOY.

As the noodle experts, we’ve responded to chef’s needs for perfect noodles: they have good elasticity & springiness, smooth mouthfeel texture and do not stick together, meaning there is no waste. In addition, they look & taste great and are easy to prepare.

Our new Rice Vermicelli, has already been well received by leading chefs, Chinese Master Chef Ken Wang: ‘’From my many years of experience as a Chef, I believe that to cook a perfect dish, it is important to choose the right quality ingredients. Having used the Lucky Boat, I feel that the quality of the rice vermicelli is excellent’’.

Offering a convenient, satisfying and quick to cook option for chefs of food on-the-go, takeaway or dine-in operations, Lucky Boat Rice Vermicelli noodles are valued for the speed of service they offer, taking only two minutes to cook!  They are suitable for many diets, including vegetarian and vegan, as well as being allergen-free.  Each case of Lucky Boat Rice Vermicelli contains 25 x 375g noodle nests, which are made with premium ingredients, contain no allergens, additives or preservatives, and are non-GMO.