Westmill recognise that we must go above and beyond the basic necessities for social and environmental initiatives, in order to demonstrate that our Sustainability Strategy aligns with our business values.

As the world is rapidly evolving, Sustainability is becoming an even higher priority for businesses to engage with. As such, our Sustainability Strategy covers three key areas:

  • Support Communities
  • Promote Inclusivity
  • Reduce Waste

As a responsible business, we are committed to focussing on these key areas, as we believe this is where we can make positive changes

Aim: Support our communities on both a local and global scale


  • Deliver our commitment to Human Rights
  • Support women through our sustainable livelihoods project with SEWA, India
  • Maintain and develop our Sustainable Rice Projects in Pakistan and Thailand
  • Engage with our communities by launching our volunteering strategy for FY22.


See Our Stories to learn more about our SEWA and SRP Projects.

Aim: Promote Inclusivity throughout Westmill’s workplace


  • Understand the true diversity of Westmill and develop action plans to address inequality
  • Train and motivate our teams to actively participate in our inclusion journey
  • Actively develop and support diverse talent with mentorship and career opportunities
  • Widen our internal and external candidate pool through greater transparency and more inclusive recruitment practices

Aim: Reduce overall Waste


  • Reduce food waste and energy by 50% by 2030 in line with the new Courtauld target
  • Improve utilisation of remaining waste by donating short dated stock
  • Meet our commitments on the UK Plastic Pact


See Our Stories to find out more about what Westmill are doing to reduce our waste


Our Partners

Collaboration is often critical to help deliver change which is why we have built these important partnerships. Some of which are through our parent company, ABF.

Our partners through ABF

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