Westmill recognise that we must go above and beyond the basic necessities for social and environmental initiatives, in order to demonstrate that our Sustainability Strategy aligns with our business values.
As the world is rapidly evolving, Sustainability is becoming an even higher priority for businesses to engage with. As such, we have refreshed our Sustainability Strategy to cover four key areas, which focus on:

• Supporting Women
• Managing Water
• Reducing Waste
• Celebrating Diversity

As a responsible business, we are committed to focussing on these key areas, as we believe this is where we can make positive changes.

Aim: Support women in our workplace and in our communities


• Support women in the UK workplace by narrowing the gender pay gap in Westmill.

• Expand our partnership in India with the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), which focuses on enriching the lives and teaching sustainable farming methods to 2400 women smallholder cumin farmers in Gujarat.

See Our Stories to learn more about the work we have done with SEWA over the past 3 years.

Aim: Ensure efficient water usage in the supply chain and production


• Leverage Sustainable Rice Programme (SRP) in Pakistan which aims to make rice more sustainable by reducing water consumption, improving yields and increasing farmers’ incomes for 1200 basmati farmers by 2021.

• Engage with SEWA to ensure that farmers maximise water efficiency in a water scarce region.

See Our Stories to learn more about the work we have done in Pakistan regarding sustainable rice.

Aim: Reduce overall Waste


• Fulfil our commitments to the UK Plastic Pact and Courtauld Agreement for 2025.

• Improve utilisation of waste by increasing the amount sent for human consumption through donations of short dated stock.


Aim: Encourage diversity in our business and our supply chain


• Engage with temples and local communities to build strong relationships and support the needs of our communities.

• Ensure hiring of ethnically diverse talent in the workplace.

• Actively develop and support ethnically diverse talent with mentorship and focussed career development opportunities.

See Our Stories to find out about the work we have done to support our communities during Coronavirus.

Our Partners

Collaboration is often critical to help deliver change which is why we have built these important partnerships. Some of which are through our parent company, ABF.

Our partners through ABF

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