Hamadaya Soy sauce, borne of Kumamoto region in Japan in 1818, is made from the same closely guarded, time-tested, two century old family recipe.

With over 1000 natural springs, and the famous Mount Aso, Kumamoto is one of Japan’s few ‘water cities’ – this mineral rich water, blessed by the hands of time – is natures gift to Hamadaya.

Its premium taste, aroma and uncompromising flavour is retained due to our 7th generation brewmaster: Hironari Hamada.

Every drop is a careful blend of tradition, experience and the highest quality ingredients – just pure delight.

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Did you Know?

Our oldest warehouse was built 200 years ago during the Edo period. In 2017, the buildings were officially recognised by the Japanese government as a cultural landscape of Kumamoto.

Our Soy sauce is the highest quality possible. Its officially graded as ‘Special’ by the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).*

Every bottle is preservative free, and doesn’t contain monosodium glutamate or artificial colours: Just pure delight.

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