In 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China operating under a single order from their emperor Zhu Di: “To proceed all the way to the end of the world”. Lucky Boat is inspired by this magnificent voyage that discovered the world and honours its brave warriors, navigators and the Chinese Emperor’s quest to find and bring the best to the world.

Our noodles are firm, elastic, golden in colour and do not clump, meaning less waste and easier handling (whether prepared in bulk or as individual servings). Lucky Boat Noodles are of the finest quality – made to a traditional Chinese recipe with premium grade flour, the noodles are strictly manufactured to very high standards in the UK.


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Did you Know?

The No.1 choice for most of the UK’s leading Chinese chefs and restaurants

4 in 5 Chinese outlets using No.1 type noodles in the UK, choose Lucky Boat Noodles*

Nearly 3x as many consumers prefer Lucky Boat Noodles**
*Source: Westmill Volumetric Research 2016.
**When compared to the 2nd biggest brand (Westmill research 2015)

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