For over 20 years, Asli Atta has provided the UK Asian community with top quality, chapatti flours for the creation of traditional breads.

Our Atta is relied upon by restaurant chefs and home cooks alike.

Milled from the finest wheats, Asli Atta is finely ground to absorb water easily, making a soft dough that is consistently easy to knead and roll out, for great tasting chapattis time after time.

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Did you Know?

Asli Basmati was launched in 2000.

Its unique characteristics of aroma, flavour, texture and elongation make it the ideal rice for all savoury dishes.

Find out more on the Asli Sella page.

Serving Suggestion

Tradionally eaten hot, spead with Ghee, why not try with your favourite pickle or chutney as well as you your favourite curry.

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