Westmill is one of Europe’s largest specialist food companies and one of the largest authentic noodle producers supplying all ethnic and mainstream markets.

We know what it takes to make a great noodle; producing the leading brand for Chinese chefs and restaurants, industrial manufacturers and own brand retail.

At our state of the art, UK based, BRC accredited manufacturing facility we produce over 30 types of noodles, including: Egg/non-egg noodle; thin/thick noodle; rice/wheat noodle and short/long noodle.

Whether you require noodles for meal kits, tailored noodles for ready meals or your own brand proposition, Westmill have a noodle to suit every application and product requirement.

With market leading innovation capabilities we have functional, flavoured and coloured infused noodles to deliver a tasty, healthy and exciting alternative for your noodle products.


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