Jimmy’s satay sauce (otherwise known as saté sauce meaning to satisfy) is a delicious aromatic blend of peanuts, oriental herbs and spices.

This authentic Malaysian recipe has been adopted across a number of pan-Asian cuisines to provide a depth of flavour and a wonderful aroma that only Jimmy’s can provide. Saté sauce can be used as a dipping sauce and also in marinades and stir-fries to flavour various dishes such as meat, vegetables, seafood and noodles.

It has been recognised by chefs and home cooks as one of the main ingredients for making the popular satay sauce and is widely used by restaurants and takeaways.

Jimmy’s Saté Sauce is also the main ingredient for many Southeast Asian dishes, suitable for preparation of dips, marinades and as a base for hotpots.

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Jimmy’s is the number 1 satay sauce brand used in Chinese Restaurants and Takeaways in the UK.

Jimmy’s has been produced in Hong Kong for over 50 years.

Ideal for marinades, stir-fry, dipping sauce or to flavour soups.

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