Woh Hup origins date back to 1936 where founder Chou Yeng Lan opened a humble noodle shop in Singapore’s Chinatown. His sauces were so popular that consumers asked to be able to prepare them at home; soon after, they became the preferred choice for Singapore’s top restaurants, and so Woh Hup’s history of making fine sauces began.

It started with iconic Singapore sauces, but has steadily grown to include dishes from Malaysia, Indonesia and beyond.

Our range of sauces and condiments mean you can enjoy the authentic taste of South East Asia whenever and wherever!

Find out more on the Woh Hup website: www.wohhupfood.uk

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Did you Know?

Who Hup is the Number 1 brand in Southeast Asian sauces*

In recognition for its contribution to Southeast Asian sauces, Who Hup was bestowed the prestigious Influential Brand award in 2018.

Every product is Halal certified.

* Euromonitor International, Cooking Sauce brand share, Singapore, 2019

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