Since 1931, Rajah has been providing authentic spices and seasonings from the finest regions so ethnic families in the UK can enjoy the tastes they so fondly know as home.

Founded by a former Indian Army officer, who opened a small shop in London called Bombay Emporium, Rajah has always been associated with providing Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi consumers with authentic whole, ground and blended spices and seasonings.

Our range of products also includes Pastes, Pickles, Chutneys and Minced products.


Product Details

Bulk Spices

62344Rajah Tandoori Masala1 x 8kg
CA473Rajah Gold Curry Powder2 x 10kg
CA503Rajah Mild Curry Powder1 x 10kg

Ground Spices Large

62345IARajah Tandoori Masala6 x 1kg
IA741Rajah Chilli Powder6 x 1kg
IA742Rajah Garam Masala6 x 1kg
IA745Rajah Ground Dhaniya6 x 1kg
IA747Rajah Ground Jeera6 x 1kg
IA749Rajah Haldi6 x 1kg
IA750Rajah Mild Madras Curry6 x 1kg
IA751Rajah Paprika6 x 1kg
IA752Rajah Hot Madras Curry6 x 1kg
IA761Rajah X Hot Chilli Powder6 x 1kg
IA762Rajah Mixed Curry Powder6 x 1kg
IA763Rajah X Hot Mixed Curry Powder6 x 1kg

Ground Spices Medium

62565Rajah Tandoori Masala Natural10 x 400g
62558Rajah Chilli Powder10 x 400g
62559Rajah Garam Masala10 x 400g
62614Rajah Garlic Powder10 x 400g
62615Rajah Ground Black Pepper10 x 400g
62560Rajah Ground Dhaniya10 x 400g
62561Rajah Ground Jeera10 x 400g
62562Rajah Haldi10 x 400g
62617Rajah Mild Madras Curry10 x 400g
62564Rajah Paprika10 x 400g
62563Rajah Hot Madras Curry10 x 400g
62612Rajah Coarse Black Pepper9 x 400g
62618Rajah Mixed Curry Powder10 x 400g
62621Rajah X Hot Mixed Curry Powder10 x 400g
IA708Rajah Ground Ginger10 x 300g
62622Rajah X Hot Chilli Powder10 x 400g

Ground Spices Small

62578Rajah Tandoori Masala Natural10 x 100g
62566Rajah Chilli Powder10 x 100g
62567Rajah Garam Masala10 x 100g
62568Rajah Garlic Powder10 x 100g
62603Rajah Ground Black Pepper10 x 100g
62577Rajah Ground Dhaniya10 x 100g
62570Rajah Ground Jeera10 x 100g
62596Rajah Coarse Black Pepper10 x 100g
62571Rajah Haldi Powder10 x 100g
62574Rajah Mild Madras Curry10 x 100g
62575Rajah Paprika10 x 100g
62573Rajah Hot Madras Curry10 x 100g
62602Rajah Cinnamon Powder10 x 100g
62607Rajah Mt Tenderiser10 x 100g
IA620Rajah Citric Acid20 x 100g
62576Rajah X Hot Chilli Powder10 x 100g
IA640Rajah Ground White Pepper20 x 100g
62606Rajah Mild Caribbean Curry Powder10 x 100g
62572Rajah Hot Caribbean Curry Powder10 x 100g
62569Rajah Ground Ginger10 x 85g


ID630Rajah Mild Mango Pickle6 x 285g
ID631Rajah Hot Mango Pickle6 x 285g
ID632Rajah Mild Lime Pickle6 x 285g
ID633Rajah Hot Lime Pickle6 x 285g


BA024Rajah Sweet Mango Chutney1 x 3kg
BA026Rajah Sweet Mango Chutney1 x 7kg
ID610Rajah Sweet Mango Chutney6 x 340g
ID611Rajah Hot Mango Chutney6 x 340g
ID612Rajah Kashmir Mango Chutney6x340g




60558Rajah Minced Garlic Paste6 x 1kg
60559Rajah Minced Ginger Paste6 x 1kg
62175Rajah Minced Coriander6 x 210g
62176Rajah Minced Red Chilli6 x 210g
62177Rajah Minced Green Chilli6 x 210g
62178Rajah Minced Garlic6 x 210g
62179Rajah Minced Ginger6 x 210g


ID655Rajah Mild Curry Paste6 x 285g
ID656Rajah Hot Curry Paste6 x 285g
ID657Rajah Vindaloo Paste6 x 285g
ID658Rajah Tandoori Paste6 x 285g
ID659Rajah Tikka Paste6 x 285g
ID661Rajah Kashmiri Paste6 x 285g
ID662Rajah Biryani Paste6 x 285g


62586Rajah Chilli & Lemon Seasoning10 x 100g
62588Rajah Garlic & Coriander Seasoning10 x 100g
62605Rajah Hot & Spicy Seasoning10 x 100g
60488Rajah All Purpose Seasoning6 x 1kg
60489Rajah Chicken Seasoning6 x 1kg
61229Rajah All Purpose Seasoning2 x 14 x 100g
62579Rajah All Purpose Seasoning10 x 100g
62583Rajah Fish Seasoning10 x 100g
62582Rajah Chicken Seasoning10 x 100g
62581Rajah Beef Steak Seasoning10 x 100g
62584Rajah Jerk Seasoning10 x 100g
62589Rajah Lamb Seasoning10 x 100g
62580Rajah BBQ Seasoning10 x 100g
IA648Rajah Garlic Salt Seasoning20 x 100g
62585Rajah All Purpose Seasoning10 x 400g
62613Rajah Fish Seasoning10 x 400g
62587Rajah Chicken Seasoning10 x 400g
ID530Rajah All Purpose Seasoning3 x 850g
ID532Rajah Fish Seasoning3 x 850g
ID540Rajah American Chicken Mix3 x 650g

Ground Spices Tins

ID500Rajah Tandoori Masala12 x 100g
ID501Rajah Chilli Powder12 x 100g
ID502Rajah Garam Masala12 x 100g
ID503Rajah Garlic Powder12 x 100g
ID504Rajah Ground Black Pepper12 x 100g
ID505Rajah Ground Dhaniya12 x 100g
ID507Rajah Ground Jeera12 x 100g
ID508Rajah Hot Madras Curry12 x 100g
ID509Rajah Haldi Powder12 x 100g
ID510Rajah Mild Madra Curry12 x 100g
ID511Rajah Paprika12 x 100g
ID514Rajah Ground White Pepper12 x 100g
ID515Rajah Ground Ginger12 x 85g
60115Rajah Tandoori Natural12 x 100g
CA472Rajah Ground White Pepper6 x 400g

Whole Spices Medium

62620Rajah Whole Red Chilli10 x 200g
62619Rajah Whole Black Pepper9 x 400g
62591Rajah Whole Jeera Seed9 x 400g
62590Rajah Crushed Red Chilli10 x 200g

Whole Spices Small

62599Rajah Whole Red Chilli8 x 50g
62598Rajah Whole Cloves10 x 50g
62597Rajah Whole Black Pepper10 x 100g
62594Rajah Whole Dhaniya8 x 100g
62592Rajah Bay Leaves10 x 10g
62595Rajah Whole Jeera Seed10 x 100g
62593Rajah Cassia Bark10 x 50g
IA516Rajah Whole Ground Cardamon20 x 50g
IA641Rajah Whole Methi (Fenugreek Seed)20 x 100g
IA642Rajah Whole Black Mustard Seeds20 x 100g
62611Rajah Whole Saunf (Fennel Seeds)10 x 100g




Trade Sheets

Rajah Spices & Seasonings
Rajah Pastes, Pickles, Chutneys & Minced