Pride was established in 1974 in East London, specialising in cooking oils.  Today, Pride continues to sell premium quality oils as well as an extensive range of food products for consumers, restaurants and takeaways.

Pride offers an extensive range of products across a wide range of food categories, including oil, canned goods and sauces all with high quality ingredients.

Pride Oils aims to be the natural choice for any business seeking reliable supplies of edible oils of the highest quality at the best possible prices.

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The Range

Product Details

Sunflower Oil

021Pride Sunflower Oil 1lt15 x 1lt
022Pride Sunflower Oil 2lt6 x 2lt
62733Pride Sunflower Oil 3lt4 x 3lt
020Pride Sunflower Oil 4lt1 x 4lt
62753Pride Sunflower Oil 5lt4 x 5lt
019Pride Sunflower Oil 15lt1 x 15lt

Vegetable Oil

006Pride Vegetable Oil 1lt15 x 1lt
005Pride Vegetable Oil 2lt6 x 2lt
62732Pride Vegetable Oil 3lt4 x 3lt
004Pride Vegetable Oil 4lt1 x 4lt
62752Pride Vegetable Oil 5lt4 x 5lt
003-APride Vegetable Oil 15lt1 x 15lt
001-APride Vegetable Oil 20lt1 x 20lt
272Pride Boxed Vegetable Oil 20lt1 x 20lt

Rapeseed Oil

62046Pride Rapeseed Oil 15lt1 x 15lt
001-CPride Rapeseed Oil 20lt1 x 20lt
214Pride Boxed Rapeseed Oil 20lt1 x 20lt

Corn Oil

014Pride Corn Oil 1lt15 x 1lt
012Pride Corn Oil 4lt1 x 4lt
62754Pride Corn Oil 5lt4 x 5lt
011Pride Corn Oil 15lt1 x 15lt

Groundnut Oil

026Pride Groundnut Oil 1lt15 x 1lt
025Pride Groundnut Oil 4lt1 x 4lt
023Pride Groundnut Oil 15lt1 x 15lt

Speciality Oil

044Pride Mustarda Oil 250ml12 x 250ml
043Pride Mustarda Oil 500ml12 x 500ml
041Pride Mustarda Oil 4lt1 x 4lt

Pomace Olive Oil

62421Blended Pomace olive oil4 x 5lt


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