Amoy began producing soy sauce in Xiamen, China in 1908. Today, Amoy is one of the most recognised food sauce brands in Southeast Asia, and the UK.

Based in Hong Kong, Amoy continues to combine the essence of oriental cuisine with state-of-the-art technology to produce top quality sauces that have seen the brand establish its place in many markets around the world.

The strength of Amoy stems from the quality and reliability of its products, and the fact that the products are manufactured from tried and tested recipes used by generations of consumers and chefs alike. In Hong Kong, Amoy sauce has been the best-selling soy sauce since 1994. The Amoy range of sauces have been the number one or number two selling brand in their categories for the past three years.

The success of Amoy in Hong Kong can also be seen in the UK. Today, Amoy Hoi Sin and Crushed Yellow Bean sauces are the best-selling sauces in their categories. Amoy also performs strongly in soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, chilli sauce and a wide variety of other Oriental sauces typically used in Chinese restaurants across the UK.

Amoy products are manufactured from tried and tested local recipes used by generations of consumers and chefs. Today, Westmill Foods is the sole distributor for Amoy products into the ethnic wholesale trade.

* Amoy is a trademark of Ajinomoto Co. inc., Tokyo, Japan.

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Product Details

Black Bean Sauce

CA249Amoy Black Bean Sauce12 x 400g
62337Amoy Black Bean & Garlic Sauce12 x 370g

Chilli Sauce / Sweet Chilli Sauce

CA298Amoy Chilli Sauce12 x 160g
CA303Amoy Sweet Chilli Sauce12 x 185g
CA560Amoy Toban Chilli12 x 400g
62042Amoy Chilli Sauce12 x 450ml
62446Chilli & Garlic Sauce12 x 390g

Hoi Sin Sauce

62109Amoy Hoi Sin Sauce12 x 482g
CA305Amoy Hoi Sin Sauce12 x 431g
CA306Amoy Hoi Sin Sauce6 x 2.3kg


62338Amoy All Purpose Marinade12 x 450ml

Oyster Sauce

CA319Amoy Premium Oyster Sauce – New Formula12 x 150ml
CA546Amoy Oyster Sauce – New Formula6 x 2.3kg
62043Amoy Oyster Sauce – New Formula12 x 440ml

Plum Sauce

CA233Amoy Plum Sauce12 x 430g

Sweet & Sour Sauce

CA324Amoy Sweet & Sour Sauce12 x 370g

Soy Sauce

CA253Amoy Dark Soy Sauce12 x 150ml
CA254Amoy Light Soy Sauce12 x 150ml
CA266Amoy Dark Soy Sauce12 x 250ml
62197Amoy Supreme Dark Soy Sauce12 x 500ml
62198Amoy Supreme Light Soy Sauce12 x 500ml
62658Amoy Supreme Dark Soy Sauce3 x 6.6kg
62659Amoy Supreme Light Soy Sauce3 x 6.6kg
62335Amoy Gold Label Light Soy Sauce12 x 500ml
62336Amoy Gold Label Dark Soy Sauce12 x 500ml

Sesame Oil

CA243Amoy Blended Sesame Oil12 x 150ml
CA320Amoy Pure Sesame Oil12 x 150ml
62268Amoy Blended Sesame Oil12 x 500ml

Teriyaki Sauce

CA576Teriyaki Sauce12 x 150ml


CA325Amoy White Rice Vinegar12 x 500ml
62059Amoy White Rice Vinegar12 x 150ml

Yellow Bean Sauce

62108Amoy Crushed Yellow Bean Sauce12 x 450g
CA259Amoy Crushed Yellow Bean Sauce6 x 2.15kg


3 x 6.6kg

Trade Sheets

Amoy Trade Sheet