Tolly Boy

The Tolly Boy Rice brand was established in 1962 and has since become a traditional family favourite. Tolly Boy selects only the finest paddy which is de-husked after harvesting and then cleaned and milled to deliver consistent high quality.

This guarantees perfect cooked results and satisfied families at every meal. The range includes Basmati, Long Grain and Easy Cook Long Grain varieties in packs sizes ranging from 500g to 40kg.

Tolly Boy has recently launched a bulgur wheat range specifically focusing on the popular & growing Turkish & Mid-Eastern RTA (Restaurant & Take-Aways) market in the UK. Already a popular brand with Turkish RTAs with easy cook rice, this launch represents an opportunity for further Tolly Boy brand growth in this market.

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Product Details

Tolly Boy Long Grain  (Indian)

00T081387434Tolly Boy American Long Grain Hessian1 x 40kg
00T081387225Tolly Boy American Long Grain Hessian1 x 20kg
62326Tolly Boy American Long Grain Plastic1 x 20kg
00T081387127Tolly Boy American Long Grain1 x 10kg
00T081387500Tolly Boy American Long Grain1 x 5kg
00T081387211Tolly Boy American Long Grain5 x 2kg
62324Tolly Boy American Long Grain6 x 2kg
62263Tolly Boy American Long Grain12 x 500g

Tolly Boy Long Grain  (Chinese)

62502Tolly Boy Long Blue Bag1 x 20kg
62503Tolly Boy Long Beige Bag1 x 20kg


Tolly Boy Bulger

62889Tolly Boy Course Bulger1 x 5kg
62890Tolly Boy Course Bulger1 x 20kg




Tolly Boy Easy Cook 

00T081369431Tolly Boy Easy Cook Hessian1 x 40kg
00T081369224Tolly Boy Easy Cook Hessian1 x 20kg
62325Tolly Boy Easy Cook Plastic1 x 20kg
00T081369127Tolly Boy Easy Cook1 x 10kg
00T081369500Tolly Boy Easy Cook1 x 5kg
62323Tolly Boy Easy Cook6 x 2kg
62250Tolly Boy Easy Cook12 x 500g

Tolly Boy Basmati

00T081294431Tolly Boy Basmati Rice Hessian1 x 40kg
00T081294222Tolly Boy Basmati Rice1 x 20kg
00T081294127Tolly Boy Basmati Rice1 x 10kg
00T081294500Tolly Boy Basmati Rice1 x 5kg
62322Tolly Boy Basmati6 x 2kg
62251Tolly Boy Basmati12 x 500g



Trade Sheets

Tolly Boy Trade Sheet