Habib has been a popular catering and consumer brand of Pakistani Basmati rice for many years. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, Habib Rice has become an integral part of Pakistani communities living in the UK.

• An established brand amongst the UK’s Pakistani community
• Aromatic rice delicately flavoured to compliment Pakistani cuisine
• Long, fluffy white grains when cooked for great presentation

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Habib Pakistani Basmati Rice

62261Habib Basmati Rice12 x 500g
62327Habib Basmati Rice6 x 2kg
00H011310500Habib Basmati Rice1 x 5kg
00H011310127Habib Basmati Rice1 x 10kg
00H011310222Habib Basmati Rice1 x 20kg
00H011310431Habib Basmati Rice1 x 40kg


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Habib Trade Sheet