Elephant Atta

Elephant Atta provides a wide range of flours suitable for traditional South Asian flatbreads such as chapatti (rotis), parathas, puris, and naan breads.

Enjoying family ties and traditions has always been at the core of the brand and what it stands for. With over 50 years of heritage, our brand has served quality atta flour for generations in the UK. The iconic chapattis are the cornerstone of the traditional South Asian diets and enjoyed by thousands of South Asian families every day.

Elephant Atta is today, the most popular brand in the UK’s ethnic flour market and our chapattis are enjoyed by thousands everyday. The brand is sold in medium, self-raising, white, brown, wholemeal and chakki flour variants.

Trusted by generations of home users and restaurant owners, Elephant Atta has always stood for the best in authentic Asian cuisine standing next to the mothers throughout many generations of South Asian families in UK.

The Range

Product Details

Elephant Atta Medium

58410Elephant Atta Medium1 x 10kg
58425Elephant Atta Medium1 x 25kg
62807Elephant Atta Medium8 x 1kg

Elephant Atta White

58510Elephant Atta White1 x 10kg
58525Elephant Atta White1 x 25kg

Elephant Atta Wholemeal

58710Elephant Atta Wholemeal1 x 10kg
58725Elephant Atta Wholemeal1 x 25kg


Elephant Atta Brown

58426Elephant Atta Brown1 x 10kg
58427Elephant Atta Brown1 x 25kg

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold

62426Elephant Atta Chakki Gold1 x 5kg
62427Elephant Atta Chakki Gold1 x 10kg

Elephant Atta Self Raising

51325Elephant Atta Self Raising1 x 25kg
51316Elephant Atta Self Raising1 x 16kg






Trade Sheets

Elephant Atta Trade Sheet