Brooke Bond

Taj Mahal

Since 1966, Taj Mahal has been the gold standard of tea in India.

Our experts ensure only the best, freshest and juiciest tea leaves go into every Taj Mahal pack – which is available in teabags and loose tea formats.

Furthermore, Taj Mahal is endorsed by Bollywood megastar Madhuri Dixit.

Red Label

Thanks to its expert blending since 1869, producing a rich red colour, perfect strength and unmatched taste, Red Label is India’s most popular tea brand.

Red Label has been a trusted family brand for 140 years.

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Product Details

Brand Size Format Case Size Product Code
Brooke Bond Red Label 450g Loose Tea 24 62654
Brooke Bond Red Label 900g Loose Tea 12 62655
Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 450g Loose Tea 24 62656
Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 900g Loose Tea 12 62657
Brooke Bond Taj Mahal 100 (200g) Tea Bags 12 62653



Trade Sheets

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