Vanessa Li - National Account Manager

Why Westmill

Westmill’s vibrant cultural diversity and energy are exciting aspects to be a part of, plus, I love food so working at Westmill is well suited. On a broader scale, with each acquisition and expansion of our portfolio comes great enthusiasm and vigour as we reach further into the markets we currently trade in. As a business, we continue to strive in challenging markets in the right manner as at Westmill, we do not cut corners, we do the right thing even when no one’s watching and that to me is morally satisfying.

Describe your career at Westmill in 100 words

I joined Westmill in 2010 straight after finishing my finals in Dublin, and back then, I wouldn’t have guessed 8 years’ on, I’d still be at the same company as well as living in London. I’ve been offered timely career progressions every 18-24 months (starting in; Key Indian Accounts, Key Chinese accounts, Industrial, Grocery High Street Retailers and most recently Asda & M&S), this progression and variety in role along with personal development opportunities has maintained my loyalty thus far. The opportunity for individual development coupled with the autonomy, transparency and accountability in role is a balance I believe Westmill have.

Your favourite Westmill product  

Jimmy’s sate sauce – it isn’t what it seems at first glance – it tastes much better than how it looks in jar

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