Tingting He - Business Unit Manager

Why Westmill

I love exploring cultures around the world. Food is very close to my heart. Westmill has great diversity in both cultures and the products we produce. There are plenty of opportunities ahead of us as the world opens more to global cuisines.

Describe your career at Westmill in 100 words

I joined Westmill as a Regional Sales Manager in October 2019 with a focus on Emerging Cuisine (Thai, Japanese, Korean, etc.). The last year certainly has been a year to remember! I have been impressed by our resilience and our customers’ ability to adapt to significant market shifts. Recently my role has expanded to include a wider Southern UK region as well as managing two very capable team members who will work with me to support this geographical area. I look forward to untapping more potential in the South and growing the capabilities of my team.

Your favourite Westmill product

Eating healthier is high on my agenda. I love our new Lucky Boat Whole-wheat noodles. It tastes delicious in a stir-fry!

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