SOPHIA WANG - Regional Sales Manager

Why Westmill

Having owned a Chinese Takeaway, I was aware of Westmill and the quality products they sold. They had a good reputation and I was impressed by the size of the organisation and the other businesses under the same umbrella. When I met my line manager at interview, he came across as friendly, professional and serious about my development, and contributing to the success of the company – all of which I liked.

Describe your career at Westmill in 100 words

My career in Westmill is a mixture of spending time in the field building strong relationships with my customers as well as being engaged in various projects such as Chinese School New Year Events, cooking demos and product launches. I work mainly between Newcastle and Scotland as this is the area I cover but I visit our offices in Enfield once a month to meet the rest of our team. I also spend time with colleagues and my line manager exploring new avenues to promote our goods and to further develop successful customer relationships. It is a varied role and I enjoy the independence and opportunities that it provides.

Your favourite Westmill product

I like Lucky Boat Noodles because being high quality and the market leader, they are attractive to customers. They are also delicious!

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