Westmill believe that volunteering is a fantastic way for employees to develop and learn about strong community relationships which is why we launched our Volunteering Scheme which means our staff can take a paid day-off each year to offer the support of their time.

We kicked off the scheme by running a business wide volunteering event where twenty employees cooked delicious food at the Southall Temple and provided lunch to the local community. Since then our Enfield site has supported Worchester Primary School by tiding their outdoor area as well as Food Cycle by cooking up delicious 3 course vegetarian meals (all from food waste) to people in need in the community. Our Manchester site also volunteer at their local Food Cycle hub and the Selby team have volunteered time to IDG Feeding Britain’s Future as well as their local Food Bank. By the end of financial year 2018 we volunteered a fantastic 225 hours…a great start to the programme!

“I found it incredible what we managed to do…from food that was meant to be thrown away and a bit of cooking creativity, the team managed to cook a delicious 3-course meal for 30 people, with seconds and even some spares to take home for their evening meal or other family members to enjoy!

It is staggering to think that without this initiative, all that food would have gone to waste. Volunteering my time was an eye opening experience into how much food is being wasted globally, especially when there are many hungry mouths to feed”.

The volunteering scheme is something we are really proud of as it demonstrates how we as a business and individuals all have the ability to give a little something back to the community in a gun and engaging way.

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