In 2018 we launched an exciting new grass-roots initiative with one of our key brands: Tolly Boy to support African and Bangladeshi community projects in the UK. Tolly Boy selected 20 relevant community groups to participate in the campaign; on purchasing Tolly Boy, consumers were able to then select their preferred community project using unique on pack codes.

The top three voted projects won £10,000 £5,000 and £2,500 respectively and all other community groups involved received £500! The engagement and feedback demonstrated how supportive this initiative was to the groups involved as well as a fun way to bring together and engage their own community members.

“We are excited to win such a huge competition. We usually apply for straight forward funding because when mechanisms such as voting are involved the feedback we receive is usually less positive as people are often reluctant. However, this campaign was different, with the Tolly Boy team encouraging us all the way and helping us spread the word. From family, friends to the wider community, everyone was motivated in spreading the joy since Tolly Boy was going to help the community in return”
Wapping Bangladesh Association, Mr. Atikur

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