A core part of our business is dry rice and retort rice. We responsibly procure rice from across the globe be that Spain or our distant neighbours Uruguay, but with this comes a lot of miles. Most of the journey is by sea, but there are trucks involved too. As a business we are taking steps to make everyday improvements to minimise our impact on the environment, which often goes hand in hand with cost saving. Through focused time and analysis our rice logistics coordinator has significantly made a positive impact in this space.

Rice stocks supplied by our Pakistan, US and Uruguayan suppliers are now packed and formatted into a container in such a way that we can empty directly at our Selby mill, removing the need for 3rd party providers and dramatically reducing our carbon footprint! In fact we have saved 469,539 road miles since 2015.

By removing double handling of imports, the project has also reduced the risk of rice breaking and therefore helps yield performance when milling rice at Selby.

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