Westmill Foods is one of Europe’s largest specialist food companies, serving the chefs and owners of Chinese and Indian restaurants and takeaways, as well as a diverse range of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, African and Caribbean consumers. Our product range includes high quality rice, spices, sauces, edible oils, flour and noodles, which we sell to partners in ethnic wholesale as well as cash and carry, mainstream food service and the grocery multiples. With sales in most major EU countries, we have the capability to supply across Europe.

Our brands are respected for their quality and authenticity, and are to be found in the best professional and home kitchens. We recognise that our continued success depends on continuing to understand the needs of our customers, and exceeding their expectations.

Westmill people pride ourselves on our passion for food, and the care we take to deliver consistently high quality products and experiences. I hope that you find what you need on our website; please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Westmill History

Established in 1988 and owned by Associated British Foods plc (ABF), Westmill Foods has grown to become one of the largest flour, rice, spice, sauce, edible oil, and noodle suppliers to the UK and European ethnic wholesaler market, food service, industrial sectors and the grocery supermarkets.

In 2005/2006 Westmill acquired BE International (Amoy, Rajah and Green Dragon) and Pride Oils PLC. These have been added to our Tolly Boy, Asli, Habib, Guru, and Lucky Boat brands. Westmill Foods has built up a strong brand portfolio which appeals to the Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afro-Caribbean, African, and Chinese communities.

The brands are built on an expert knowledge of the flour, rice, spice, sauce, edible oil and noodle markets. As well as our traditional expertise in flour and rice production, we have developed specialist skills and capabilities in the production of value added lines, such as microwaveable pouched products, and wet and dry noodles.

Westmill Foods covers four major sites: rice milling and packing takes place in Selby, Yorkshire; canning of edible oil and packaging of other products takes place in Enfield, Middlesex; our value added products and noodles are produced in our purpose built facility at Trafford Park, Manchester; our European office is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our capabilities and knowledge mean we consistently produce the highest quality products for our brands, own label customers and contract pack and industrial customers.



1988Westmill Foods was established to supply pre-packed flour and rice to the retail and foodservice markets. It was evolved from Mardorf Peach (rice business) and Edwards Flour Mills (Allied Mills). Allinson bread flours and Tolly Boy rice were part of the original product offering.
1999Acquisition of Davjon Foods, Lucky Boat and 888 prawn cracker brands.
2000Acquisition of the Asli Atta brand.
2001First investment into retort technology to produce easy and quick to cook microwavable rice.
2003/04Relocated grocery dry rice packing lines to our Selby Mill site.
£10m investment in a brand new, purpose built, high tech plant in Manchester for the production of noodles and microwavable products.
2005/06In 2005, Westmill acquired Pride Oils PLC which was one of the largest edible oil suppliers in the UK. In 2006, Westmill then acquired BE International whose brands included Rajah, Lotus and Green Dragon. BE International was also a distributor for Amoy and Jimmy’s satay sauce.”
2006ABF acquisition of Patak’s brand.
2012Westmill Foods acquires Elephant Atta and Fassal brands.



Industrial Division

Westmill Foods is a well-established supplier of industrial rice and industrial noodles into many of the leading UK and European food manufacturers.

Our extensive product knowledge, gained through many years of experience, make us the ideal partner for food manufacturers looking for conventional or bespoke industrial rice and industrial noodle solutions.

Westmill recognise the very specific requirements of this sector and have a dedicated team to cater to them.

A wide range of Basmati, Long Grain, Fragrant and Wild rice varieties are available in industrial pack sizes ranging from 20 kg to 1000 kg. With minimum order quantities starting at 1000 kg Westmill are flexible enough to meet most requirements.

There are 27 different types of industrial noodles currently produced ranging from a dry thick noodle, commonly found in Chow Mein, to a short cut fine noodle mainly used in “snack” or “eat on the move” dishes. Customised recipe work can also be undertaken, with the inclusion of most types of liquid or fine particle solids possible. Pack sizes range from 7.7 kg through to 9 kg with minimum orders starting at one pallet.

For all of your manufacturing and industrial enquiries please contact our Industrial Sales Manager at our head office address.