Recently Launched in the UK Leo beer is currently sold in 22 countries around the globe. It is the #1 product in the Thai home market with circa 50% market share meaning it is recognised by consumers who have visited Thailand and appreciated by “foodies” who are looking for that authentic experience.

It has been honoured the Gold Medal for Best Beer Quality Award by the World Beer association and has recently been awarded Asia Most Trusted Brand 2018.

The product is pioneering the use of unique ingredients that render the outstanding smoothness and great taste which make Leo so easy to enjoy – the perfect blend of malt, hops and, guess what, Thai rice! And not just any Thai rice but the best kind we selectively developed and cultivated just for beer, resulting in Full-flavored standard lager with a smooth and pleasant finish that is so easy for anybody to drink and enjoy it’s refreshing taste. At 5% ABV Leo is the Perfect accompaniment to Asian cuisine

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Did you Know?

Leo is made using only 4 ingredients.

Leo Beer will be running sampling days and some great deals in the Wing Yip Stores this weekend, why not come down and join us.

For Terms and Conditions for the instore promos please click on the links below.

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Wing Yip FPD April 19

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Serving Suggestion

Best served chilled.

The perfect accompaniment to Asian cuisine.

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